As you may know, BookBub blasts out promotions of its vetted and approved titles to its millions of subscribers. On December 16, BookBub promoted The Amendment Killer. In celebration of that, we deeply discounted the price of the ebook version of The Amendment Killer from its regular $9.99 list price to $0.99 for two weeks only, ending December 31. Whether or not you are subscribed to BookBub, for this limited period of time you, too, can purchase the ebook version of The Amendment Killer for only $0.99.

And don’t forget where it all began: The Puppet Master, now available on Amazon and wherever books are sold. And heading to the third in the series, Payback, due to be released first quarter 2020.

the amendment killer on amazon

Thank you so much for supporting the Brooks/Lotello thriller series!

Happy reading and Happy Holidays and New Year wishes!

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