The numbers afflicted with diabetes is staggering, and growing dramatically, over 30 million today in the U.S. alone, 10% of the entire American population. The public cost of treating diabetes exceeds $250 billion per year. More education and treatment is needed, especially in low-income communities. Cures must be found.


Ron’s diabetes is well managed, but millions of others with diabetes are not well managed. Cures for diabetes must be found. Ron and his wife, Barbie, are donating at least 50% of the net proceeds of all sales of The Amendment Killer to diabetes research and education.


Prominent national diabetes organizations have been applauding Ron’s generosity. Consider, for example, the kind words of Barbara Davis, Founder of the Childrens Diabetes Foundation and the Barbara Davis Center for Diabetes, along with Dana Davis, Executive Director of the Childrens Diabetes Foundation, thanking Ron and Barbie “for all of the generous commitment and support the two of you have shown to the Childrens Diabetes Foundation these past years, including Ron’s wonderful portrayal of young Cassie Webber in his thriller novel The Amendment Killer. What a great example Cassie offers to all of our children. We look forward to working together with you and Barbie for years to come in pursuit of our common goal of finding a cure for diabetes, especially for our next generation of leaders in all walks of life.” Want to see the actual letter? Click here, select the Announcements tab and scroll down to the letter.

The Childrens Diabetes Foundation will be featuring Ron and The Amendment Killer at its annual black tie Carousel Ball in Denver, Colorado on the evening of October 7.

For more information, contact Mattie Peck, telephone 303.628.5106,

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation will also be featuring Ron and The Amendment Killer at its Rose Bowl Walk for Diabetes in Pasadena, California on October 29.

For more information, contact Sue Pietrzak at JDRF, telephone 213.233.9905,

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