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This is Part Two of my response to requests for some back story hubbub of a few of the characters who appear in The Amendment Killer. In Part One, I told all of you how I first met Cyrus Brooks. Today I’m going to share a little background info on Frank Lotello. According to Cyrus, Frank is the “other” half of the Brooks/Lotello combine. In Cyrus’ defense, I did meet Cyrus first. But Cyrus would have referred to Frank as the “other” half even if I had met Frank first. Some things never change. 🙂


Frank Lotello

When I first met Frank, he was still numb from the recent loss of his wife Beth, the mother of his two children, Charlie and Madison, then ages 8 and 6. On the way home from some midday chores, Beth’s car was blindsided by a drunk driver. Frank’s only solace was that Beth never knew what hit her. The same could not be said for Frank. Nearing the end of his bereavement leave as a highly respected but somewhat notorious senior homicide detective with the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department, Frank was still wondering whether he could possibly balance the 24/7 demands of a job that he loved with the demands of instantly becoming a single father of two youngsters whom he loved even more.

Beth had been Frank’s proverbial best friend. They shared everything together. He discussed all of his cases with Beth, did his best thinking with her. A little bit scary, he was still talking to her. The only difference now was that she wasn’t still answering.

And then came the telephone call that changed everything. But that’s a different story for a different time. It’s called The Puppet Master, the prequel to The Amendment KillerAs you hopefully know by now (!), The Amendment Killer will launch in just two weeks, this November 1. I can hardly wait. The Puppet Master will launch next Spring and will tell you all about that fateful telephone call I just mentioned, including just how Brooks and Lotello met. To this day, it never ceases to amaze me how the two of them are able to work together, Lotello very quietly self-assured and Brooks very not quietly self-assured (meaning self-assured but not so quiet). But somehow they make it work.


And Then Along Came Amazon!

Do you ever find those shameless Amazon promotional emails in your inbox? If you do that’s because you read a lot of books and probably buy many or most of them on Amazon. I’m an avid reader and I buy most of the books I read on Amazon. So I too regularly receive those Amazon promotional  emails telling me that I might like this or that new book. They keep track of just what I like, or at least what I buy. So, it should come as no surprise that I longed to see one of those emails promoting my novels. I would look at those emails when they arrived, but alas they never recommended me to me.

But guess what? Amazon has now started recommending The Amendment Killer!!! Not to me, but to others. Many have been kind enough to forward the emails they are receiving to me. It’s kinda fun seeing Amazon treating me like the big writers! Check it out:

Very exciting. At least to me.


Coming next week: Back stories on Cassie Webber and Tommy Thomas.

Hope you all are enjoying whatever you’re reading right now!



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