We might call the past week the P week. P for pardon, that is.

First, The Donald came up with a new premise. Since no one else is willing to pardon him for his alleged sins in coordinating (others might say colluding) with the Russians to assure his election, he’s announced that he is considering pardoning himself. That would be novel. An absolute first. “It’s gonna be great,” said The Donald. “You’re gonna love it. Make America first again.” Actually, make The Donald first again.

Next, we had The Juice is Loose again parole hearings. To hear The Juice explain it during the hearing, he’s never done anything wrong, never engaged in any conflicts. Not ever. Not in the armed robbery and kidnapping for which he was convicted and has been incarcerated these past nine years. And not ever before that. Not in his entire life. Anyone and everyone other than The Juice was responsible for the armed robbery and kidnapping. He was just an innocent pawn. And the eight or nine times Nicole called the police during their marriage to report that The Juice was threatening her, and The Juice screamed at the police in rage. The Juice is gonna find the people who upset Nicole. Right after he finds the people who killed her.

And now, we come to, The Me. So busy promoting my latest novel, THE AMENDMENT KILLER, in the stores this November 1, I had no time to continue my regular weekly blogs for all those who had become so dependent on them. I think my conduct was understandable. I deserve a pardon. So, I’m giving myself one. Just like The Donald and The Juice. I’m back. I’m gonna find those who were guilty of not letting me continue my blogs. But, never mind. I’m back. It’s gonna be great again. I’m gonna be first again.

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