Which is mightier, the pen or the sword? Few in history would dispute that words are singularly the most powerful force known and available to humanity. In The Amendment Killer, even Tommy Thomas knew how best to introduce himself to and instantly have his way with Supreme Court justice Arnold Hirschfeld. Did he send granddaughter Cassie Webber’s severed finger to Hirschfeld gift wrapped in bloodied tissue paper or did he simply and quietly utter to Hirschfeld the four “soft” words “We have your granddaughter.” Which would you have done?


As you know, from my words right here in this newsletter, not necessarily as “soft” as Thomas’s words, the official publication of my latest novel, The Amendment Killer, was released in hardback, paperback and Kindle ebook on November 1. (The audiobook version is being recorded now and will release in December.)

In the weeks leading up to the release, I was the beneficiary of some very gratifying editorial reviews, more words to be sure, perhaps the most exciting being those featured in the cover story of the September 25 issue of Best Thriller Magazine which stated that “Ron Barak’s The Amendment Killer is easily the best high stakes legal thriller of 2017.” On November 2, the day after the novel released, The Palisadian Post newspaper ran a wonderful feature story on the book, and yours truly. More words, but such nice ones.

The words written by an author are singularly important. Ah, yes, but so are the words written about him, and his works.

Sales of a novel come from tons of different booksellers. It’ll be three months before I receive any meaningful initial sales data. Indirectly, however, I am told that the number of five star reviews posted on Amazon by complete strangers in only the first few days following the release of The Amendment Killer is a very encouraging early sign. (Hop over to Amazon if you’re interested in checking out any of these existing reviews, any of these words about The Amendment Killer.)

Yes, these reviews are just words too. But such important ones! No author can survive, let alone advance, without them. That’s because most readers turn to the words set forth in these Amazon reviews to decide what books to read, what words of what author’s on which to take a chance, especially in the case of an author with whom the reader is not yet familiar.

As a wannabe author trying to advance his standing and career, I’m trying to focus on all things I can do—directly and indirectly—to help increase my presence and my sales of The Amendment Killer, my words, especially since The Wife, Barbie, and I have pledged 50% of sale proceeds of this work to diabetes research and education through several prominent national diabetes organizations. We want this campaign to make a difference.

Directly means encouraging those who are going to buy The Amendment Killer to do so NOWTo buy now. Early sales provide leverage and promote more sales because book sellers who have the sales data naturally push what is ALREADY selling. That means free sales promotion for The Amendment Killer.

Like with any product, when it comes to novels, people buy what they want when they want, as it should be. Sometimes they do it sooner. Sometimes they do it later. Sometimes it slips completely off their radar and they never get around to doing it even though they genuinely mean to. Thus, this “gentle” reminder of the author to do it NOW.  Very gentle, very subtle, of me, right? 🙂

The book is available right now, online at and online or in bricks and mortar stores at Barnes and Noble and elsewhere “wherever fine books are sold.” If you want to order online, just go to the bookseller’s website and type in the book title or author in the search engine and then just follow the bouncing ball. Or just click here and follow the bouncing ball. If you call or visit a bookstore in person and they don’t have the book in stock, they’ll order it for you virtually overnight.

But in this day and age, although buying is a great start, it is not enough.


Indirectly means encouraging fans and friends alike like to post favorable reviews on because it is THEIR WORDS ABOUT AN AUTHOR–in this case five star Amazon reviews (along with word of mouth)–that induce sales more than any other single factor.

And if you read The Amendment Killer and like it, I hope you’ll take a few minutes and post a favorable review on, and maybe tell a friend too, whether by word of mouth, in an email, or both. It bears repeating (would I do that?), many people looking for a good book first check out the reviews or choose to read what their friends are reading and talking upYOUR WORDS ABOUT THE AUTHOR AND HIS WORKS.

To post a review on is easy. It doesn’t require a separate purchase of anything. Just go to and type in “The Amendment Killer” or “Ronald S. Barak” in Amazon’s search engine. The book will pop right up. That’s because of all the clout I have! 🙂 Click on the book. When you’re on the page, you’ll see an invitation link to write a review. It’s that easy. And, this is your chance to get even with me! 🙂

In this day of email and email lists, telling a friend–more words–is also pretty easy. But so helpful and so much appreciated.


Clearly, the pen is mightier than the sword. So, if you haven’t already done so (and apologies and thank yous if you have), please tell it forward like it is, in your own words. Thanks!



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