What a week. Of musical chairs. When will it stop? Where will it stop?

What? The Week From . . .

Beset by leaks and infighting, hoping to find some sense of order in all the chaos, The Donald hired a new Communications Director, The Mooch. Which led to the immediate departure of Press Secretary Spicer. Quit? Fired? Does it matter? Does anyone care?

And then Whitehouse Chief of Staff Preibus was gone. Wait, that’s Priebus, not Preibus. Does it matter? Does anyone care? Quit? Fired? Does it matter? Does anyone care? Whitehouse or White House? Does it matter? Does anyone care?

Kelly hired to replace Priebus as Chief of Staff. Does it matter? Does anyone care? Well maybe The Mooch does. He’s gone. Before he was even sworn in! On the job barely one week. Gone before Spicer had even cleaned out his own office to join forces with a prominent entertainment lawyer. SNL’s goat entertainment? Ain’t that a hoot! The Mooch fired by The Donald for conduct unbecoming of his (almost) office. By The Donald? For conduct unbecoming? Now isn’t that ironic, the pot calling the kettle black? Ain’t that a hoot too!

The word is that to get Kelly to take the job and plug the leaks, The Donald had to “agree” that no one gets to The Donald anymore. Unless first given a ticket by Kelly. Everyone has to go through Kelly. That means Bannon. Has anyone told him? That means son-in-law Kushner. That means daughter Ivanka. Has anyone told them? Does it include family outings on Air Force One? Has anyone told Melania? Actually, she may be the one who likes this idea.


Why do you think The Donald would supposedly agree to all of this? The Donald? Now that’s finally a question in this piece worthy of sorting out.

I’ll tell you what I think. If you promise not to leak it.

I think The Donald’s pooped. Tired. Warn down and out by all those who are now taking him on. Speaking out against him. He’s run out of people willing to take an oath of loyalty, fealty, to him. He needs someone who is really tough, not faux tough like The Donald, to bail him out. To give The Donald some relief. A little respite. Maybe even from his family. Maybe even from himself. And maybe even from SOME of his tweeting. “Not my fault. Kelly made me do it.” To prop The Donald up. And besides: The Donald’s “agreements” don’t seem to mean much.

Will It Work?

Will this actually work? Bring some order to all of the chaos? One can hope. But probably not.

Why? Because it’s calculated to fail. Face it. There are only two possibilities.

One, most likely, like everyone else, Kelly will fail to rein The Donald in. Kelly will resign. Or be fired. Will it matter? Will anyone care?

Two, less likely, Kelly will succeed. But that’s calculated to fail too. As The Donald recovers his strength, and his confidence, he’ll undoubtedly return to his old ways, including the fact that The Donald believes agreements are only for the other guy. You just can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Or new tweets.

So Kelly will then resign. Or be fired. Because, after all, the reversion to his “old” ways (maybe quicker than The Mooch’s departure from the Whitehouse) will be someone’s fault, anyone’s fault. Anyone other than The Donald’s.

Will It Matter? Will Anyone Care?

Resign? Fired? Will it matter? Will anyone care?

Let’s hope so.

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