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As you may know, the two most helpful things readers can do to boost a wannabe author like yours truly is to spread the word (“tell a friend”) any way they can (word of mouth, email,  text, pony express, smoke signals, etc.– etc. is a word one uses when they want to make a list longer, but can’t think of what else to add to it) and to write and post reviews (on reflection, reviews are just another way to tell a friend, or a fellow reader).

Many, if not most, readers looking for a good book to read, often check the genre of their choice on various sources such as Amazon, Goodreads or Barnes & Noble–and then read the reviews posted on those sites. Reviews generally fall into two categories, professional reviews written and published by organizations and literary experts who engage in the business of doing just that and reviews written by individual readers like you and me.

For example, I have just been honored by the decision of Foreword Reviews, generally considered to be one of the top ten professional reviewers, to review and feature The Amendment Killer in its upcoming November/December online and print magazine. What a kick for me! Thinking (hoping might be more accurate!) you might like to share in this wonderful news with me and enjoy seeing an excerpt from the advance copy of their upcoming review:

However, in my opinion, the most important reviews of all are the reviews written and posted by individual every day readers. Whenever I read a book I enjoy, whether by a branded author or a wannabe like me, I make it my business to write and post a review on that book because I know how helpful such reviews are to authors.

I have been so excited recently to receive numerous favorable reactions from many of my writing community who have read an ARC (advance reviewer copy) of The Amendment Killer (put together and distributed to professional reviewers for their consideration). Because of his intimate familiarity with the D.C. political scene about which I write my political and legal thriller novels, I was particularly gratified to receive the following unsolicited review from consecutive three term U.S. Senator Dennis DeConcini, Ret:

“From the vantage point of one who has spent many years in Washington, D.C., I recently had the pleasure of reading an advance copy of Ronald S. Barak’s latest political and legal thriller, THE AMENDMENT KILLER, a terrific, timely and remarkably accurate portrayal of modern day political dysfunction centered in our capital. Blurring contemporary reality with his own brand of fiction, Barak cleverly intertwines the kidnapping of the 11-year-old diabetic granddaughter of a Supreme Court justice to control the outcome of Congress’ attempt to persuade the Court to invalidate a constitutional amendment criminalizing political abuse and corruption. I have read many of John Grisham’s bestselling novels. Barak matches Grisham step for step. He had me turning the pages of THE AMENDMENT KILLER from the first page to the last. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride.”

—Dennis  DeConcini, United States Senator, Ret

And then there are these illustrative wonderful folks, and the reviews they have already posted on Goodreads:

“Fans” (how cool to be growing some of those!) have also been emailing to inquire how and when they can write and “post” reviews on The Amendment Killer. Here’s one I received from Pam “O” (last name omitted to protect the innocent) who was so nice:

“I have never been so happy to have read a book. The Amendment Killer is wonderful. I began reading when I was 4 and believe me that is quite a few years since and I have not run across many books I am amazed by. Your storyline, character development and pace of the story is perfect. Thank you for giving me so much enjoyment. I have tried to review on Amazon and they won’t let me until it is released so if you know a trick for me how to get it done I will be more than willing to give you a fantastic review. Can’t wait for your next book.”

So, here’s a simple “how to” video prepared by my outstanding website engineer and good friend, Eileen Lonergan, that will show you, step by step, how quick  and easy it is to actually prepare and post a review, and when and where you can do it:

If you would like to see reviews of The Amendment Killer posted from time to time on Goodreads, or on Amazon or on Barnes & Nobel after the November 1, 2017 publication date of The Amendment Killer, please click Goodreads, Amazon or Barnes & Nobel. If you are so inclined to post a review of your own, please just go for it!

And just in case you’re wondering whether your interest and support really matters: No one would dispute that Amazon is pretty much the best at what it does, right? Well, they are, and that includes their highly sophisticated computer algorithms, those little critters hiding under their keyboards that decide who to promote in their daily emails to millions and millions of Amazon members. I’m referring to those emails that say something like “We think you might be interested in [insert image and name of book] and usually go on to say “Those who bought [image and name of book] also bought [insert image and name of bestsellers]. Do you think Amazon does this out of the goodness of its heart to just give a freebie promo to some striving author like moi? Think again. Amazon does this to make money, meaning Amazon does this when its computers tell it a particular book is getting a lot of traffic on its website. As The Amendment Killer now is, thanks to the likes of you guys! Just check it out, Amazon telling its email subscribers they just might be interested in Stephen King, a couple of others and none other than . . .  me:


As always, thank you all so much for following and supporting my progress!

Best wishes to you all,


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