Conflict 2Will he ever get it right? Probably only when he leaves office. Under six months, and counting.

In a rare move, both houses of Congress and both sides of the aisle actually agreed on something and sent a bill to President Obama. They proposed that post-office Presidential perks be scaled back to $200,000 per year, plus cost of living adjustments. (The highest past-Presidential perk now being paid for by you and me: $1.2 million per year. It’s really tough to find good help these days.)

Obama vetoed the bill. Duh!

His stated reason: It would result in some layoffs among those working for past Presidents.

The real reason: Obama will be a past President in less than six months.

Would it have been that too much to expect for Obama to have effectively recused himself from deciding the outcome of this legislation on the grounds of patent conflict of interest and just done the right thing—defer to a bipartisan bill as (rarely) enacted by Congress?

Of course it would.

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