It’s my sincere pleasure to bring you this author chat with my good friend and bestselling author, Paul Levine!

Paul and I are brothers of one kind or another going back some fifty years or so, although we only discovered one another a few years ago. He was an undergrad at Penn State when I was an undergrad at USC. We both loved and still do love sports. Paul covered sports for Penn State’s student newspaper when I was a gymnast at USC. USC and Penn State had the top two gymnastics teams in the country. I was heavily recruited by Penn State and so Paul and I knew a lot of the same people at Penn State even though we hadn’t met when I was invited to the Penn State campus at that time.

Years later, we both became practicing lawyers. Then we both started writing legal thrillers. Ultimately, our paths crossed and we discovered our common histories and paths decades after the fact.

The similarities in our respective latest novels are rather uncanny, 20-year-old protagonists both getting into similar life threatening situations in spite of the fact that neither of us knew what the other was writing. We’ve been jostling and picking on one another ever since we first met. Fortunately, we both have thick skins. Unfortunately (for me), Paul has the quicker wit and sense of humor and I often come out on the short end of the stick! 😱😂

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See below for the author chat, and enjoy!

Bestselling authors Ronald S. Barak and Paul Levine have an up-close, yet socially distant sit-down video chat about their latest ripped-from-today’s-headlines thriller novels, and the two Jakes that lead them: Jake “JK” Klein and Jake Lassiter. Also, why it’s better to WRITE about lawyers than to BE lawyers… and more hot political thriller topics!

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