Supreme Court rulings this week--keeping score

Keeping Score on SCOTUS!

Supreme Court rulings this week: I guess one out of three wasn’t so bad. It could have been worse. It could have been zero for three. These statistics are likely to get worse before they get better.


President Obama got what he deserved for overreaching, trying to be King instead of just President, trying to take over the Legislative Branch of the Government. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Texas and some 25 other states by saying no to Obama. More specifically, none of the four conservative justices were willing to join the liberal justices who wanted to anoint Obama King. It would have been nice, however, had they issued more than a single unexplained sentence that simply said “No, you aren’t allowed to appoint yourself King because we don’t have one of those in this country.” Well, that wasn’t the exact wording of the decision, but it was one sentence that in essence said nothing more than no. Guess they didn’t have the time to provide something a little more thoughtful.

Unfortunately, millions of individual unlawful aliens became “collateral damage” in the process. All because Congress can’t find  the time, or a way, to update our immigration laws

Putting Obama down for overreaching was one for we the people.

Affirmative Action

Innocent American families, blacks and whites, came out on the short end of the stick in still another Texas case decided last week by the Supreme Court. More collateral damage. All because Congress dropped the ball again, unable to find the time, or the way, to come up with a meaningful “affirmative action” plan to advance racial conditions in our country. This time, the Court did manage to come up with a longer opinion, but a rather poor one, and also ignoring the long established legal doctrine that courts are not supposed to address “political questions,” not even when Congress fails to do its job.

The rationale behind affirmative action is to provide assistance to underprivileged, disadvantaged minorities who need a boost to reach the equality goal line. But Justice Kennedy, speaking for a 5-2 divided Court (Justice Kagan recused herself because of a conflict), missed the boat. In upholding the defendant university’s affirmative action plan, the Court relied on a demonstration that the black(s) in question had a much better than average black education, and therefore an excellent chance of surviving in the university program, demonstrating that the very purpose of affirmative action was not met. The minorities who need the help won’t qualify because the university’s affirmative action program hasn’t been designed to help them, and otherwise admissible white(s) are wrongfully being denied admission in favor of minorities who don’t really meet affirmative action objectives and are simply being given an inappropriate free admission ticket, at the expense of whites who should not be turned away in favor of these minorities who don’t need affirmative action assistance.

Score this one against we the people.

Just Another Branch That Wants to Do Congress’s Job

And the Supreme Court, if not dead, is comatose. Not one liberal justice on the Court willing to be intellectually and judicially honest. They have become patently obvious politicians.

In this context, we the people are the ones being collaterally damaged by the liberal arm of the Supreme Court. See, for example, the Obama decision referenced above: Not one liberal justice on the Supreme Court willing to defend the integrity of our three branch government.

Score this one against we the people as well.

And A Bonus For Those Still Reading

And it isn’t just our government that is hurting its citizens. The International Olympic Committee has just confirmed that the entire Russian track and field team will be banned from the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio this August. Rampant use of performance enhancing drugs by many of their track and field athletes, condoned, if not encouraged, by those in the Russian government who could “easily” have prevented the issue, of course up to and including Mr. Putin himself. (I say easily with some trepidation because it does require government officials to demonstrate integrity.) But what about those Russian athletes who did not cheat? The clean babies are being thrown out with the dirty bath water here.

Score this one against people all over the world who look forward to and enjoy a fair and square competition among the very best athletes the world can assemble.

As for the Supreme Court rulings this week: It could have been worse, but it sure could have been better!

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