October 13, 2020 will always be a special day. It is the day that the two latest entries in Brad Meltzer’s series Ordinary People Change The World became available to the public:

I Am Anne Frank

I Am Benjamin Franklin

What is it that has Meltzer fixated on Frank, aside from the fact that the word Frank is part of the titles of the two latest works in Meltzer’s Ordinary People Change The World–23 and climbing, with two more already available for preorder? Just that Frank and Franklin were two ordinary people who became very extraordinary.

While this series is a must read for your children and grandchildren, they’re great reads for you too. The Wife and I read and love them. So does our ten year old granddaughter.

Why has Meltzer chosen to wonderfully reinvent himself (once again!) to tell these stories about ordinary people like you and me (well at least like you) who went on to become extraordinary heroes? Aside from the fact that Meltzer is constantly reinventing himself, I couldn’t explain the answer as well as Brad does here:

Meltzer on Ordinary People Change The Word

I am proud to call Brad Meltzer my friend. I am even more proud that Brad Meltzer is kind enough to call me his friend.

Only one question remains: Who will pen . . . I Am Brad Meltzer.


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