James Mattis attends a meeting with Donald Trump in the Cabinet Room of the White House in 2018.WIN MCNAMEE/GETTY IMAGES

James Mattis attends a meeting with Donald Trump in the Cabinet Room of the White House in 2018. Source: WIN MCNAMEE/GETTY IMAGES


The news is crazier this week than we likely ever thought possible, don’t you think?

I thought for sure the chatter about a potential military coup would die down over the week from Christmas to New Year’s, but now that 2021 is upon us, it appears the opposite is true. 😱

Add to that, the breaking news of the Nixon-esque “Trump Tapes,” and the GOP’s in-fighting about contesting Wednesday’s election certification, I decided to have a bit of a chat with Jake “JK” Klein, the protagonist of my #1 Amazon bestseller JK’s Code. Because he’s got the inside track like nobody else does… read on below!


🙃 Ron & Jake – Author/Character Banter 👾  

Me (talking to myself as I frequently do):
What’s all this mainstream media chatter of late about the possibility of a “military coup” by Trump and his strongest advocates? I was just having a little fun when I inserted that subject into JK’s Code, right? Apart from in “third world” countries, military coups don’t happen in our real world… do they?

Jake “JK” Klein: Now you tell me? After winding me up and sending me chasing all over the world! I’m still trying to recover!!

Me: Hey, I call the shots around here, JK. Your job is to carry out your assignments, not question my calls. Are you trying to run a coup of your own here?

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🔥 More Praise for JK’s Code 🔥

“Smart, speedy, and suspenseful, JK’s Code is a flat out great read. My favorite kind of book: characters you care about, a story ripped from the headlines, and a pace that doesn’t let up. The definition of a thriller!”
Christopher Reich, NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author of the Simon Riske novels


🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5/5 Stars

“Ronald S. Barak’s JK’S CODE is a book of fiction, a novel that’s political satire, humor about a situation with characters who are as real as the ones we see on the evening news. Actually, this book of fiction echoes so much like those characters to make one more than a little uncomfortable.

The story takes places between July 2019 and October 2020. It deals with computer hacking, Russian hackers, election fraud, and, oh my goodness, a golf playing POTUS who owns his own golf course, and whose ‘face… (gets) as orange as the rug barely held in place atop his head.’ And he’s a tweeter!

This is a well-written, easy to read, hard to put down, satire, a political thriller, as up-to-date as the nightly news, and it’s entertaining.

And yes, it has a hero, Jake Klein, (JK), a twenty year old cyber security guy. We get a look at the world of computer geeks, of hackers, and at the dark web, and at Russian mischief making. I highly recommend this book. It’s an easy and enjoyable read that’s a thought provoker.”

—Buster, Verified Amazon Reviewer


🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 5/5 Stars

“Well, if you thought living through 2020 was wild, the reread is just as zany of a ride! This book was just the read I needed to round out the year. JK’S CODE is a fictional (ahem) look at the extreme idiocy and governmental mismanagement that led us up to this latest U.S. Presidential election, the latest cries for racial/social justice in this country, and finally the global pandemic.

If you ever wanted to speculate on the extent of our collusion with Russia, what our world leaders are actually gabbing about with one another, and who controls what in cyberspace, you will be highly entertained with this read.

Kudos to the author for taking current events that are truly stranger than fiction and really milking them for some more silliness. It was nice to have the chance to laugh at 2020 via this book.”

—Kasey C., Verified Amazon Reviewer


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