Meet The Puppet Master Characters
The National Organization for Political Integrity (NoPoli for short) was formed in mid 2009 for the purpose reflected in its mission statement set forth on the home page of it’s website, “engaging and protecting the public trust,” from those of our political leaders who would place their own personal interests ahead of “we the people.” NoPoli is a non-profit political blog, publicly launched on the internet at in July 2010.
Whenever I read a good book, I always let my imagination run wild envisioning the characters, what they would look like, who they would look like. Here’s what I came up with for some of the characters in The Puppet Master. How would you cast the characters for The Puppet Master, The Movie?


What would you do if they took everything from you: your job, family, self-respect, and perhaps even your sanity?


Longtime D.C. Public Defender Abrams is one of the few in Washington genuinely above reproach. His health and his memory on the wane, he is now living vicariously through the achievements of his unscrupulous granddaughter, Julie.


A first year at Georgetown University Law School, her greatest skills are using everyone within reach to get what she wants, including her doting grandfather Bernard.


A U.S. Senator from the Midwest, who came to Washington and has quickly climbed the ranks. Many wonder why, and how?


James Ayers is the legislative aide of U.S. Senator Jane Wells. Ayres’ agenda—and whether he is one of the good guys or one of the bad guys—is unclear.


Following a distinguished trial career, Brooks accepted a presidential appointment to the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. Singularly devoted to his wife, Eloise, he was also passionate about justice, music and dance. Try as he might, he couldn’t play an instrument, carry a tune or dance a lick, but he was second to none when it came to the law. After 25 years on the bench and increasingly intolerant of all of the acts of violence randomly directed at the innocent, Brooks was thinking it was time for him to step down from the bench and pass the baton to someone else. But he waited too long.


One of the country’s most successful and well-connected lobbyists. With the possible exception of his wife, Foster has never seen a lady that he can’t and doesn’t want to charm. Are there some skeletons rattling around in his closet?


Senator Jane Wells’s driver. What’s he concealing and why?


The head golf pro at Congressional Country Club, he and Frank Lotello were on the same college golf team together. Harrelson’s in a position to know a lot about what goes on in powerful Washington circles.


A retired investment advisor, Steve Kessler had little time for anything more than his business during his career. Now called to jury duty in the Norman case, he is elected as the jury foreman to single-handedly keep the jury on track and away from each other’s throats.


Leah Klein is a bright and upcoming lawyer in the D.C. Public Defender’s officer. She’s assigned to defend Cliff Norman by her mentor Bernard Abrams.


Veteran D.C. Homicide Detective Frank Lotello is back on the job after mourning the death of his wife and the mother of his two children. Over the course of the case, Lotello begins to feel there is more behind the killings than the various factions in the country are ready to conclude.


After the 2008 financial meltdown, Cliff Norman lost everything—his family, his business, his dignity and perhaps even his sanity. Norman publicly blames those who run the government and vows to get even. When three politicians are violently murdered in succession, he is arrested and the high-profile murder trial is assigned to Cyrus Brooks’s courtroom.


Cliff Norman’s wife whose pain and suffering is no less than her husband’s. Is there more to her than meets the eye?


The commander-in-chief behind the commander-in-chief who knows how to work the White House and Washington, D.C., if not the entire country, he is already counting all that Wall Street is ready to throw at his feet.


A driven journalist with her eye on the first of many Pulitzer Prizes and no principles to get in her way.


A former CIA operative, Thomas Reston Thomas III (better known as Tommy Thomas) is brought in by the President and his Chief of Staff to divert public sentiment against the country’s elected representatives.


President of the United States in his first term but with his sights already set on a second term. He is worried that all the public attention the Norman trial is receiving may upset the apple cart.


Singled out for their apparent disregard for the needs of their ‘we the people’ constituencies, these are but the first in line of a number of high profile politicians selected for execution. How many more will it take to make the point that our leaders must change their ways?


Whether national or local, these political ‘leaders’ need to be whipped into shape and taught a lesson. Someone has volunteered for the job!


Assembled from a diverse cross section of Americana, this is a group of strong-willed individuals all prepared to share their equally diverse points of view.

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