SpidyI thought we could all use a brief respite from all of the anger going around. But allow me just a few words first.

Don’t you just love all those expert pundits and pollsters who had the election all figured out? Until they didn’t! Less than a week later, they’re . . . back. Without skipping a beat, and with no shame, they’re now applying all of their demonstrated expertise (hah!) to tell us how and why they had it all wrong, why we should have known better than to listen to them in the run up to the execution (er . . . election), but why we should now listen to their complicated explanations of how and why they missed it. Really?

Hey, the explanation’s not all that complicated. It comes down to one word: Anger.

More people were angrier about corrupt politics as usual–and the fact that Hillary would just have added another round of that same ole, same ole corruption as usual–than they were about the unseemly way Donald chose to explain that he’s the one to (hopefully) drain that ole D.C. swamp.

Just that simple. We don’t need hours and hours of complicated, fancy explanations and analyses from all those smart pundits and pollsters.

Okay, so now that bit of . . . respite that I promised you all. As reported last week in The Week, my favorite weekly recap magazine:

A Toronto street performer dressed as Spiderman became a real-life crime fighter last week, taking down a suspected shoplifter in front of stunned bystanders. Mark Zilio was working outside a costume store when a woman allegedly stole an expensive mask and dashed past security guards and into the street. Wearing his superhero costume, Zilio swooped into action, grabbing the woman, holding her down until police arrived. “Typical day in the life of Spiderman,” Zilio said afterward. “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Are you listening, Donald?

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