Too little too lateObama had so much success when he told Putin to “cut it out” a few months ago, before he then reported that Putin went on after that admonition to personally oversee the hacking of the Democratic Party and the influencing of the U.S. Presidential election. Shows you what kind of influence Obama had on Putin. The man was obviously just shaking in his boots.

So, Obama decided to double down, to act on Putin ignoring Obama’s instruction to Putin to cut it out, but only after the election he supposedly already stole by not cutting it out rather than before Putin could achieve that result, i.e., before the election. Sounds to me like too little too late. On reflection, it might be too much too late. Much too late. And much too much.

If that wasn’t “impressive” enough, Putin has made a complete (further) fool of Obama by turning around the Democrats’ mantra, “when they go low, we go high,” by taking the high road after Obama’s sanctions against Russia last week, knowing that Obama is more of a toothless tiger than ever even he has been and that no one need pay Obama the slightest bit of attention, especially when U.S. policy is already being set by Trump rather than Obama, even before Trump assumes the office of President. Putin understands that; Obama obviously does not.

Fresh off such huge success (not) on the Russian front, Obama then decided to also tell Israel to cut it out, in this instance by abandoning Israel in the recent UN resolution. We’ll see how much traction that gains Obama with Israel. I’m guessing none, and for the same reason that explains Putin (not) tremblin’ in the Kremlin.

Then, again this past week, coming off of his unimpressive attempts to bully Israel and Russia, and feeling such confidence in his tireless efforts to (self) serve (his “legacy”), perhaps because absolutely no one else seems to be doing so,  Obama volunteered (as if anyone is still listening to him) that he could have beaten Trump if only he was permitted to run for a third term. Wow, was that ever . . . presidential (not). (And safe enough for him to say when the voters will not have an opportunity to address that one.) I guess he glossed over the lack of success his self-appointed successor Hillary had on that front, and what insight that might offer into how we the people feel about Obama today. I can’t tell with this remark whether Obama was dissing Trump or Hillary, or both. Knowing Obama’s modesty (not), it couldn’t be that he was dissing both of them, could it? Seems to me Obama is serving his legacy these days about as well as he’s serving we the people. Not very.

Given all of Obama’s successes in telling people to cut it out, I decided I would try my hand at it:

“Dear President Obama,

“Cut it out.”



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