In case you missed it out on my social media feeds on release day, I’m incredibly honored to report that JK’s Code is now an INSTANT #1 Amazon Bestseller. WOW! I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and support! 🤩🌟📚

JK's Code is Now a #1 Amazon Bestseller!

👾 JK’s Code and That Pesky Russian Cyber-Attack 👾


And once again, real-world news cycles are drawing parallels to my fictional JK’s Code Brooks/Lotello thriller novel…

We’ve all seen the headlines over the past few days about a massive hacking of our federal agencies and how it is believed that the perpetrators were acting for Russia. It would have been pretty hard to miss them! Here’s just one example of the story:

👉 Russian Intelligence Suspected in Cyberattack on Federal Agencies (

You understand this subject and how it works, right? Pretty simple, right? Exactly the same as how millions believe the recent presidential election was manipulated, right? Well for those of you who might like a straightforward, simple and entertaining explanation of how it might have been done, there’s JK’s Code, available in print, eBook and audiobook – see below for purchase links and more!

📚 Available Now!

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“JK’S CODE is this generation’s acclaimed and influential WAR GAMES. Ronald S. Barak’s prescient, perfectly timed, and polished thriller takes current events and somehow makes them even more terrifying than they already are. Politics is no fun at all these days, unless Barak is the one writing about it. JK’S CODE is a political thriller extraordinaire!” Jon Land, USA TODAY bestselling author of the Caitlin Strong series


“Ronald S. Barak’s JK’S CODE is both timely and timeless, and did I mention . . . terrific? Timely because election fraud is the heart of the story. Timeless because it’s a classic thriller laced with suspense and intrigue. Terrific because it brings back Judge Cyrus Brooks, homicide detective Frank Lotello and attorney Leah Klein, to aid Leah’s tech-savvy kid brother, JK, who uncovers a chilling conspiracy between the Kremlin and the White House, only to find himself in dire straits. If the raucous runup to the actual 2020 presidential election has been driving you to drink, JK’S CODE will be your perfect nightcap.” Paul Levine, #1 Amazon bestselling author of the Jake Lassiter Series

“The Brooks/Lotello thriller novels are immediately likeable and pack a bone-jarring punch. In JK’S CODE, an unparalleled real-time election fraud political thriller, Barak swings for the fences and knocks it out of the park.” Barry Lancet, Award-winning author of The Spy Across the Table

“Wow, that’s incredible.  I knew you when you were just a lawyer and now you’re on track to becoming famous.  I got my audible copy yesterday and will start listening to it tonight.  Nowhere for you to go now but up and to the movies.” Writing Community Subscriber

JK's Code: The #1 Amazon Bestseller - Available Now!

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