Writing the words is just where it begins.

There is more. So much more. That is, if you are a novelist who isn’t just writing for yourself (a noble calling) and who wants anyone other than your family and neighbors (if even them) to actually read what you write. Or if you are not (yet) a branded, big-name author with an invested, devoted following—that rare but impressive small group of authors who I will admirably and enviously refer to as “Big Shots.”

What exactly is the “more” to which I refer?

For convenience sake, I’m going to break it down into two categories:

The first category is what many novelists are doing or arranging to have done for them. This is the boring, tedious stuff I hate doing and leave to others to do for me to the extent that it doesn’t break the bank (spelled “MY” bank). I also don’t worry about the ROI (return on investment) of these activities as much as the wife says I should. As a whole, these are the things that are fairly ineffective, unless you are one of those Big Shots I mentioned above, in which case it works because they really don’t need it to work. Kind of like those banks who prefer to lend only to those who don’t need a loan.

In the second category, we have what few, if any, novelists are doing or arranging to have done for them. This is the creative, fun stuff that I love as much as I love writing my novels. These are also not cheap . . . but they work.

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