GoatsI got sidetracked trying to pick a title for this blog:

“Whose Ox Is Being Goaded?”

 “My Goad Is Bigger Than Your Goad”

 “Goad Over It”

 It was close, but “Goad Over It” won.

 So, let’s goad to it:

 Hillary lost the election because she and Bill are slugs, professional Grifters. Anyone besides them who did what they’ve done, albeit in smaller magnitudes, would be laughing stocks, some would say white trash. Does it really matter that Putin or Comey or anyone else is the one who (helped) expose Hillary, or shine a light on her, or why they did so?

 And the Donald needs to grow up and put his big boy pants on, and quit insisting on always having the last word, no matter how frivolously and unimpressively. But, unfortunately, he’s not likely going to change. He’s too old and set in his ways and too many of his supporters love it when he behaves in the obnoxious way he does, including his chief admirer–the Donald himself. Unfortunately, however, if—hopefully—he does care, he will never prove to be a great president unless he recognizes that he must now cater to all Americans who he now serves and not merely those who elected him.

 Whether it’s John Lewis, Meryl Streep or the Donald’s latest critic du jour, there’s plenty of blame to go around here, not just to the Donald.

 John Lewis, irrefutably a fine civil rights icon, is off his game characterizing the Donald as not having been properly being elected when there is NO basis, credible or otherwise, to support such a silly contention. The Donald is our president, for better or worse. Obviously, he was not Lewis’ choice, but Lewis needs to goad over it. The Donald isn’t going away. At least not for four years. Irresponsible remarks on Lewis’ part will only damage Lewis’s own reputation and the interests of those Lewis serves.

And Meryl. Who in American history is a finer actor than she is? No one. That’s who. But a fine actor a wise and elder statesman does not make. The Golden Globes and similar events should be reserved to the entertainment and respite they offer to us all, not to serve as a bully pulpit. We already have way too much of that! Meryl was spot on correct that Donald was in perhaps his poorest moment of many in mimicking a disabled journalist. She was tactful in raising the matter when and where she did. Nevertheless, she should simply and graciously have accepted her well-deserved honor and confined any political activism to . . . Twitter, goading with the Donald in his sandbox, showing him that two (or more) can play at that game.

As for the Donald, you’d think he’d know better than to unnecessarily take on the likes of Lewis and Streep. Imagine, saying Streep is overrated (as an actor), and that he didn’t mimic the journalist that the whole world saw him shamefully mimic. And make a fool of himself. I can still see it in my mind’s eye. His supporters may have loved it, or at least tolerated it, but a hundred million wrongs or so don’t make a right. the Donald just doesn’t get it that anyone who opposes him is not as bad as . . . Hillary.

And while I really hate to give Obama any credit, one thing he has always known is when to keep his mouth shut, and not attempt to refute things he can’t refute, or to insist on always having the last word. As the saying goes, less is often more. And  certainly more presidential.

The only ones who goad no dog in this hunt are those, like me, who voted for none of these dogs. But we are still among those who have to live with the Donald and therefore still have to goad over it.

Happy inauguration, everyone! Unbelievable.

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