HungerSaudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz recently embarked upon a nine-day trip to Indonesia. He took with him more than 500 tons of luggage. That’s one million pounds! The air freight company that handled the assignment employed 572 workers to carry the load, which included two Mercedes-Benz limousines and a pair of specialty escalators. It’s a good thing the trip wasn’t for a month! Imagine how many hungry people the King could have fed if he had just stayed home and used video telephone.

Speaking of feeding hungry people, an Austin, Texas pizza shop worker wrote an obscene message on a police officer’s bill. Officer Nito Delgado-Eberhardt had ordered a slice at Southside Flying Pizza to go, but got a “bad vibe” from the cashier and saw that she’d written “pig-a– motherf—–” on his check. The cop posted a photo of the bill on Facebook, prompting the shop owner to fire the employee. Wonder if that firing drew any protests. Delgado-Eberhardt said they didn’t eat the pizza. Another lost opportunity to feed some hungry people.

In a show of solidarity, Muslim communities raised $130,000 to help repair headstones damaged during recent attacks on two Jewish cemeteries. Activist Tarek El-Messidi said he was devastated when he read about the desecration of the Chesed Shel Emeth Cemetery outside St. Louis, where hundreds of tombstones were overturned, and he launched an online fundraiser to cover the restoration work. When vandals struck again at a Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia, El-Messidi donated the remaining money and joined people of all faiths in cleaning up the cemetery. “It took a tragedy like this to bring mosques and synagogues together,” says El-Messidi. Maybe a first step in satisfying a different kind of hunger.

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