imagesThe 2nd Amendment affords the right to—and only to—“a well-regulated militia” to bear arms. In 2008, Justice Scalia authored the 5-4 landmark decision in District of Columbia v. Heller upholding an individual’s non-existent right to bear arms. This was nothing more than a political decision, an abomination that bore no resemblance whatsoever to the 2nd Amendment. Even Justice Scalia, in his opinion, warned that Heller should not be relied on and would not survive! He was an arch conservative to the end, but his momma didn’t raise no dummies.

Liberals on the Supreme Court are just itching for Scalia’s “seat” to be filled by a liberal so that Heller can quickly be reversed. And if Hillary has anything to say about it, that’s precisely what will happen.

However, when asked during the third presidential debate about her position on gun control, her response was so dishonest—and laughable—that SNL offered her a full-time position on its show. Hillary, an experienced lawyer, insisted that she believed in an individual’s right to bear arms—despite admitting that she disagreed with the Heller opinion. (She can’t have it both ways, can she? Only if we let her!) Said Hillary: If Knute Rockne and Notre Dame could go out there and win one for the “Gipper,” then, by golly, Grandma can go out there and win one for the toddlers. And say anything she needed to say not to lose any pro-gun votes. The rule struck down in Heller simply had nothing to do with toddlers.

Scalia’s conservative-majority opinion in Heller was an embarrassment to historically informed constitutional interpretation. Hillary should have seized on the moment to say so. With her calculated evasion, she instead blew a big chance to challenge pro-gun orthodoxy.

So the myth goes, when six year old George Washington was asked if he had chopped down his father’s cherry tree, he stoically replied, “Father, I cannot tell a lie.”

In contrast, Hillary just cannot tell a truth.

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