As my friend Shaquille O’Neal would put it (and when they’re as big as he is you don’t dare refer to him other than as a friend), “Can You Dig it?” As creative as I like to think I am, I can’t really come up with a reason for why I’m putting this on my website, but let me offer these two rationales:

First, I respect talent in any field and are these guys ever talented or what? (They are Jools Holland, an English Pianist with whom I’m not familiar, and the famous Dr. John (the one in the beard), New Orleans’ treasured musician whose music I have followed for years.)

Second, I love great piano music. So, if I’m going to share my writing, why not my other interests too (well, not all at of them)?

So, let me know: Are you able to watch/listen to this only once? The first time is free. After that, I might just have to charge for admission.


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