O'ReillyA couple of years ago, Bill O’Reilly recorded a piece on America’s race problem. With apologies for the fact that I’m too tech challenged to figure out how to provide the piece without the obnoxious advertising that surrounds it, here’s what he had to say: 


I have no doubt that, more or less, he’d say the same thing today. Certainly the subject is the same today, if not worse. So, I consider it still timely to address the matter.

The matter? No, not America’s race problem. That’s beyond me. Well, I don’t really mean it’s beyond me, but more than I want to take on in a blog to which people don’t want to devote (as in the case of most all blogs) much more space than 500 words.

The matter I’m talking about is America’s O’Reilly problem. A political broadcaster, if that’s the right term to use, who says it the way it is. Or the way he thinks it is. With little, if any, filter.

Is O’Reilly a good thing or a bad thing? Personally, I think he’s a good thing. Not to say that he’s always right (well, actually, he’s of course always right, as opposed to left), but he’s bright, articulate, fast, engaging, entertaining, and provocative. With all those characteristics, how could anyone say O’Reilly’s a bad thing?

The reason for this blog is to inquire where those folks are who do think O’Reilly’s a bad thing. Where is Jesse Jackson? Where is Al Sharpton? Where are the leaders of BLM? Where is Barack Obama? Are none of them up to the task of taking him on? Especially when they are so cock sure they’re right and he’s not (right, but not left either).

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