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Newsworthy? Really?

Assange and Magic. Magic and Assange. Kind of a tossup. Like a tossed salad. Not very exciting. At least not to me. But perhaps an apt comparison nonetheless. As I have often said, I’ve never cared for Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder, who has been living at the...

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Ain’t No Big Deal

So LaVar Ball has arranged for his two younger sons—LiAngelo, the one he recently pulled from UCLA after UCLA suspended him for shoplifting in China, and LaMelo, the one he recently pulled out of high school to home school—to sign with an agent to arrange a deal for...

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Now THIS is Harassment

The Scandal Psst, hey, you've heard about "the" scandal, right? I'm not talking (this time!) about U.S. political parties colluding with the Russians in an attempt to influence the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election or the three UCLA freshman basketball players...

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They Deserve Each Other!

Like many sports fans, I've been following the "developing" story about the three UCLA basketball freshman athletes who created an international "Ugly American" uproar a couple of weeks ago by shoplifting designer sunglasses while in China to kick off UCLA's current...

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